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Old Friends

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One theme of my science-fiction paintings is embracing otherness; no interstellar wars, no alien conquests, no feeling superior or inferior. This painting shows a young human woman having a porch party with her two non-human, sentient friends, one a snake-like being sitting in a chair clearly designed for him/her/them, and the other a hovering, jellyfish-like being who is trying to sneak up on our hostess. I got the idea for the porch from ones that I experienced living in Boston, MA, where the bad winters make the porch paint crack and its always being (unsuccessfully) repainted. Thus, this painting is a mixture of New England nostalgia and a hopeful future for a more evolved version of humanity.

Acrylic (non-fluorescent and fluorescent)

36" x 36"

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© 2020 Miguel O. Mitchell
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